Pirate Code

This is the Pirate Code of the DCI. It is a tool for assembling, coming together and instituting. It is also an invitation to take, hack, and imagine what a pirate code of practice could be for your own context.

Inspired by Sam Conniff Allende’s book: Be More Pirate: Or How to Take on the World and Win (Conniff Allende 2018)

Article 1 

Jump with courage
Fall without hurting yourself
Kiss everyone (even with your mind)
Anything goes

Article 2

Make this a family. With openness and intimacy. Bring in your whole self and all your senses, your personal as well as your ‘professional’ self. Bring some humour and playfulness. Trust. 

Article 3
Collaboration works. Be generous. Be brave, but kind and humble. Listen as much as you speak. Recognise the labour of others. Speak with transparency.

Article 5

Unlearn for real. Let wet knowledge find you. Question if knowledge is power. Trust lived experiences. Exercise your imagination. Be creative without necessarily being productive.

Article 4

Embrace imperfection. Care about the needs of others. Don’t be judgmental. Respect singularity.

Article 6

Exercise self-governance. Critique, and listen to criticism. Embrace creative conflict. Reinforce shared decision-making and temporary roles. Share resources.

Article 7

Follow the same code outside DCI.

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